• fall victim to cybercrime every year.

Enterprise level cyber security as a service for SME’s

Vantage Pointe delivers a full security-as-a-service protection model delivering seamlessly to every day operations with flexible pricing rental. Protecting your network from harmful or malicious cyber attacks.

Vantage Pointe simplified security with its management in the cloud delivering high quality protection.

Automated security giving you peace of mind knowing that you are protected from the latest threats.

Complete security-as-a-service offering giving SME’s peace of mind.

Flexible rental model and pricing model for any SME.

Fully automated updates with world leading security protection for any device on your network.

24/7 Fully outsourced fully managed security.

Covering all devices and all points of your network keeping you safe and compliant online.

Protects your network, devices and mobile devices from harmful Viruses, Malware, Spyware and other cyber based attacks.
Security-as-a-service has cost benefits that allow all companies to have high quality of security.
Taking control over complicated compliance requirements such as PCI, POPI.

Contact us for a network security audit and to discuss the Vantage Pointe solution that suits your business needs.